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Sea & Port

Sea freight is the backbone of international trade. With around 80% of goods moved by sea, it plays a pivotal role in connecting businesses and consumers across the globe.

Air Cargo

Quick, efficient air freight solutions, with soaring results. Take flight, with our speedy, reliable air freight solutions. IFurthermore, air freight connects businesses to markets across continents, facilitating international trade and market expansion.

Road and Trucking

Road Freight services are crucial for businesses and consumers alike. They facilitate the efficient flow of goods, support local and global trade, and contribute to economic growth.

Import & Export Consolidation

In the fast-paced world of international commerce, reducing shipping costs and streamlining logistics processes are vital for businesses seeking a competitive edge.

Warehouse Distribution Logistics

In the ever-evolving world of commerce, where seamless warehousing and distribution are the cornerstones of a successful supply chain, Denholm Good Logistics offer an integrated solution that optimises your inventory management,

Port & Liner Agency

Port and liner agency services play pivotal roles in facilitating global trade, ensuring the timely and secure movement of goods and vessels, and contributing significantly to the efficiency of maritime logistics. we are proud to service many respected global companies.


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We have been at the forefront of the logistics industry for almost 200 years, continually pushing the boundaries to deliver cutting-edge supply chain management solutions, to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for businesses.

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Customs Clearance Services

Clearing the way for your global trade, streamlined customs solutions

In the global marketplace, efficient customs clearance is the key that unlocks the door to seamless cross-border trade.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Air Waybill (AWB) is the title document for commodities travelling by air and is a non-negotiable, Commercial invoice. A packing list is a list of the contents of a box that completes the details on the invoice that the sender must issue, Authorization for customs clearance.

The number of goods being transported measures the cost of an air charter service. However, the existence of physical means (transport) along your ideal path has a considerable effect. Moving goods from China, for example, is much less expensive than transporting them there. It is because shipowners are in high demand to carry freight from China to Europe, although doing so is more complicated.

The cost of air freight transportation. Although it is measured based on the amount of product, the cost of chartering is highly determined by considerations such as the availability of physical means (of transportation) on the chosen route or the current price of gasoline.

If you use a delivery service, the items would be viewed as a mail shipment rather than freight. It is an excellent choice for thin, light packets that need to get somewhere quickly. However, courier firms do not have an integrated logistics operation that includes customs clearance, which may result in delays or surcharges.

When compared to other transportation options, air shipments typically need less complicated packaging. In comparison, air freight’s rapid travel times minimise the need for local warehousing, and insurance costs are minor.

The Procedure is on a general layer divided into two stages-Arrival of goods and methods before lodgement of goods and the Procedure for clearance of Imported Goods. Both stages have a lot of paperwork involved.

If they tend to include contraband or dutiable articles, letter mail articles are usually cleared by Customs during their delivery and processing. In such cases, the Letter Mail is checked further at the International Post Offices or sub-Foreign Post Offices, as appropriate.

Name and Address of the Insured.
Packaging Information
Mode of Transit (By Rail/Road/Air/Sea/Courier/Post)
Voyage From and To
Sum Insured (Invoice Value)
Basis of Valuation (Invoice Terms)
Copy of Invoice.